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YESNE is a local employment service working to reduce the number of young people who are not in work, education or training in or around the Tyne and Wear area.

Funded by Youth Futures Foundation, our dedicated team are committed to breaking down barriers for neurodivergent young people who may be struggling to get a foot on the career ladder.

It is our mission to reduce youth unemployment by enhancing the skills, experience and confidence of 18 to 24-year-olds and helping them to identify their next steps. 

By delivering one-to-one sessions, twice-weekly workshops and arranging practical placements with real employers, the YESNE team is committed to helping young jobseekers access training, education and, most importantly, find work.

Our team is also working closely with local employers, covering a range of industries, to improve inclusivity and promote the potential of hiring a neurodiverse workforce.

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